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This site is for people who are selling goods or services.  TBC is about one and a half years old and there are already over 650,000 registered members with a lot of peer-to-peer buying and selling of goods going on all around the world.  TBC has made a big impact in places such as the Philippines and Nigeria where people are already buying and selling houses, cars and general goods every day.  I have just read that some of the major cell companies are taking TBC (via Master Agents.) 

I am hoping to buy a house in Las Vegas for TBC - in case you know someone who can do that!

This is not a ponzi or pyramid scheme.  There are no referrals or affiliates.  There are no membership fees.  The coin can be sent and received using either Web-Wallets or a free Android App.  For the more technical user, there is a Block-chain where you can publicly view all transactions taking place.  FYI, it will be about six months before your coins can be easily spent except to other holders.  By that time each coin will be valued at over $500,000.  Like BitCoin, they will be traded in 'bits.'  You can find much more info on you-tube.  If you would like help, just ask.  Also, go to my other site to learn how to get some FREE TBC!
Much like Fiat currencies, the price of TBC is not set by the market volume of daily trade, but rather by the TBC foundation.  The price increases each day and is based on the number of registered members in the TBC community.
All members using, buying or selling TBC agree to use the current daily price which is set by the foundation.  Similar to the way that we all agree to the number values printed on our Fiat Currencies when we are buying or selling goods.
The value of Fiat is not based on market volume but is based on what the Central Banks decide our money is worth.   The value of Fiat is adjusted by inflation (printing more money makes our Fiat worth less).  The TBC price, on the other hand, is based on the community size and a software program that means the price of TBC will continue to increase daily based on the size of the community.   With this daily increasing price, your TBC holdings will gain VALUE every day.

TBC has already started to spread in the Western World, gaining ground daily in the USA, Canada and Europe.  The hope is, that as more members from Western Countries start to join the TBC community, the peer to peer market place will increase exponentially and we might start to see retailers accepting TBC payments in store and online.
TBC price is based on the EURO.  You can see the current daily EURO price of TBC here: TheBillionCoin.info and you can use the calculator on the website to convert from Euro to your local currency should you wish to do so: TheBillionCoin Currency Calculator.

You do not need to have any TBC to take TBC for goods or services but you do need a wallet to keep them in.  It is simple.  If you want one, go here and make a wallet:  TBC004.net/web-wallet.  Make sure you keep ALL the info in a few safe places.  If you lose it, you will lose your coins.  You can have multiple wallets if you wish.  One new thing:  There will be a $10 per year fee per wallet!

If you have ANY questions, I would be happy to help.  If you are also new to BitCoin and want to learn more check out this little e-book for just $4.  Go to GumRoad.com.

If you would like to purchase TBC, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone.  I will endeavor to reply to all calls received in a timely manner and e-mails as I see them.

Payment for TBC must be sent before TBC will be released.

If you are serious, I want to help you!

Linda K Carlisle

Call  386-626-2862 after Noon

Text  352-277-2106  any time

Skype ID:  LKCGlobal



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